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Phoenix, Arizona Swimming Pool Repair

If you're one of the many pool owners in Arizona, you know how important it is to keep your pool clean, clear and healthy. But did you know that your pool may be one of the largest consumers of electricity in your house? To help you save energy, APS is now offering rebates up to $200 on qualifying energy efficient pool pumps and seasonal timers.

Available Rebates

  • Check with your local utility company for current rebates.

Efficient Pool Pumps

There are many reasons why an efficient pump is a smart choice for your pool.

  • You'll save up to 80% on your pool's energy costs, and keep your pool just as clean
  • Today's efficient pumps are significantly quieter than standard pool pumps, so you can relax even more around the pool
  • New technology in efficient pump motors enables them to run much cooler and helps them last longer
  • An APS rebate saves you money on an efficient pump today, and your efficient pump will keep your energy costs down for years to come.

Seasonal Timers

In cooler months of the year, your pool pump does not need to run as long each day to keep your pool clean. A seasonal timer automatically adjusts your pump's run time throughout the year to help you save energy conveniently.

  • Don't worry about monitoring and adjusting your pool pump operating hours (or run time). Just set it and forget it.
  • A seasonal timer will automatically adjust the run time of your pool pump to match seasonal needs, so you save money and energy without doing a thing.

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